Ungating on Amazon

Ungating on Amazon

Ungating with can be the single most daunting process Amazon sellers go through. The secret is, once you go through the first one, the rest of them really aren’t intimidating at all. In this article, I will spill the beans and help YOU have the necessary information, and hopefully help you gather the courage to push forward and go through this process.

Let’s first look at it from the perspective of WHY it really should not be daunting. For what it is worth, this is likely the single most common question that I receive.

“How do you get ungated?”

In reality, there are a couple of ways to navigate this process, but we have one that we suggest over ALL others.

  • Supply Amazon with Invoices from wholesale companies

Complete the following steps to be ungated in a category:

1.    Find a product, in the category that you would like to be ungated for.

2.    Purchase a product at least 30 units.. Keep in mind, the most important aspect here is NOT being profitable (it would be great to make money off the deal), the most important aspect is getting ungated. You can lose money on the order and still win.

This product needs to perfectly match the Amazon detail page.

Ask that you be given a paid invoice for your order (most will do this anyway).

When you register your account with the company, make sure that it matches your Amazon Account Info that is on Seller Central.

3.    Annotate your invoice. On your invoice, you should write the ASIN the product corresponds with.


4.    Send Amazon the information, and if you are rejected don’t panic. If you are rejected for whatever reason, make sure your invoices have the required information and are generally acceptable.

  • Supplier Information (company name, phone number, address, website)
  • Buyer Information (company name, phone number, address, email)
  • Invoice Date (must be in previous 90 days and visible)
  • Item Name/Description
  • Item Quantity in Units

At that point, if your invoice is correct, you can annotate the various parts of the invoice, as that will help the Amazon rep make the correct decision.