1. Do you ship directly to FBA?

Yes, we send directly to Amazon.
Goods are located at our Warehouse.
We can only provide you with estimated lead times. After an order leaves our warehouse, it is entirely up to the shipping company. Since wholesale orders are larger and more complex then a standard retail order, we are unable to take responsibility for carrier delays.
Yes, you can also sign up for our daily/weekly deals.
Yes, we sticker and prep all items.
We cannot take responsibility for any issues you may encounter while selling items on amazon or any other marketplace. Particularly, IP claims or claims of counterfeit items, will not be covered by SIB.
Yes. Our invoices have worked to help ungate sellers for items on Amazon. We cannot guarantee you will get ungated, but we may be able to help you.
We currently accept: 3.35% Surcharge - Credit Card, US Paypal No Fee - US Paypal Friends and Family, ACH, Wire Transfer, and check.
We may be able to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.